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My Dentist Story

This story is fictional. This was how I pictured dentistry in Elizabethan times.

The Dentist



Foul, disgusting, and almost rotten was how my teeth looked. Not only did my teeth looked badly but also, it could be smelled from afar. Now Im pretty loaded with cash and I have been looking for way to get rid of these icky teeth that I have. Ive tried almost all the remedies like turnips, mint leaves, and even sanding my teeth and all seemed to have made my problem works. For the first time in my life I am going to visit a dentist and maybe my problem would be solved.

            The first thing that came into my mind when I walked into the room was fright, nothing but a cold feeling. The floor was covered in blood and I can here screaming from the other room. The dentist walked in and told me to take a seat and so I did. I take my seat and I feel a sudden rush of chills as I lay my body on the cold leather. The dentist pushed up my seat and flashes this giant light upon my face. He told me to open my mouth wide and so I did. He told me that he can fix the problem but it would cost me 200 ducats. I pay him and a few minutes later he comes back with these humongous pliers. He tells me to open up and I barely opened my mouth because of shock. The dentist forces his pliers into my mouth and grabbed hold of a tooth. In one pull my tooth came out and so did the teeth beside it. That had probably been the most painful experience in my life and I do not wish to try it again.

            I walked out of the building in pain and petrified. I had never seen so much blood.

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